Friday, November 27, 2009

She took her First Steps!!!!!!

It all happened so fast, so I went and grabbed the flip. My dad was over and Louie was working. Dad sat on the couch holding B while I sat on the floor and called for her to come. Well..she did!! She took about 3 steps and had the biggest smile on her face!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Teething is EVIL!!

My poor little baby is not feeling well. She has a cold and is teething. During the day she is better but at night she is not good at all. She is stuffy and has a hard time nursing. I wish I could took all her pain away. She started getting sick on Friday and I contemplated taking in to the pedi. I called the pedi and she wanted me to bring her in. I wasn't sure I wanted to expose her to other sick kids, so I decided to wait it out. Well, on Sunday the on call pedi called to say if I wanted to bring her in I could, she would be in the office. So off we went on a beautiful autumn day. The pedi examined her. She has a cold and teething! When the pedi opened B's mouth, we saw her upper gum was swollen and a tooth is trying to break through. What a relief!!! I'm so scared of that freaking swine flu or any flu for that matter....

B got her first 2 teeth righ before she turned is the cutes thing ever!

Mommy has had very little sleep though....ugh!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Warning! I will be posting as I remember things that have happened in the past few months

Oh how I LOVE baby kisses and hugs

Since Bella was about 4-5months she would get so excited when I would get home from work. She would start jumping up and down, flailing her arms as she would see me. For the past couple of months she has been hugging, kissing, and stroking my hair when I get home from work. It is the most amazing feeling ever!! Open mouth baby kisses are for sure the best thing ever!!!!! Last night was an early night. Bella nursed a little, played on the floor a bit, had dinner with us and then was out like a light. She's been crawling backwards and is trying to crawl forward. I think she may skip the whole crawling thing. She doesn't seem interested. Walking on the otherhand is really something she likes. My back is killing me from walking around the house with her. She wants nothing to do with being held. Only wants to be walked around the enitre house. For some reason, the kitchen is her favorite place.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bella's 1st Halloween event @ babylovesdisco !!!

We had a wonderful time at Babylovesdisco for Halloween. We met up with our good friends Tina, Jon and Bella. Bella was born the day after my Bella..confused? After giving birth to my sweet Bella, I shared a room in the hospital with a sweet 1st time mommy who just happened to also name her daughter Isabella too! Isn't that so cool? Since then, we have kept in touch and become good friends. I hope our daughter will be lifetime buddies. Here is a video of the Bella's with their Daddies!!

Going to give this blogging thing another chance

So..I've decided.. for the purpose of documenting those ever so precious moments with our beautiful baby girll...that I will try this blog thing out one more time.
It will be hard. I barely have time to take care of the every day stuff. Nevertheless, I will make an effort. This is something that will mean a lot to us some day. To be able to go back and read about our lives will be priceless.
I made this decision this morning as I thought about how I am already forgetting those beautiful moments when Bella was just a newborn. I wanted to cry. She is getting so big. Time is just going by too fast is a picture of when she was just born.
And here she is 6 months later!!!
She is already 9months but I have to take a current picture and will post it soon!!!!