Monday, June 9, 2008

We had our 1st Ultrasound today!!!

Louie and I took the bus in to the city and the whole ride down I was so nervous. Louie as always was very calm and very positive. What would I ever do without him?? It was 98°f out but I was shivering cold from the nerves and had butterflies in my stomach. At one point I thought I was going to puke. Well..we got to the Dr's office just in time and again I was shaking while we waited. Louie hugged me and tried to calm me down. When we were called in to the heart started racing. The Doc came in and asked us how we were. He didn't even know we were PG!! He proceeded to do the u/s and there it was on the screen!!! How amazing...we could see a little heartbeat fluttering away! It was the most beautiful thing in the world and for a brief moment...all of my worries went a way. The Doc said he saw exactly what he expected to see so early on. He thinks I ovulated later and confirmed to him that is exactly what he put me a 4weeks...although I'm really 6weeks on the books. I never quite understood why they count from the first day of your last period. Oh well. The Doc said he wants to see me in 2weeks. I asked for a picture of the baby and the Doc thought it was to early but gave it to me anyway. Louie asked for his own copy. He is too sweet!!! So now I feel like it is official but I'm still scared. I hope this baby grows and we are able to bring a bundle of joy to this world in 8months or so... Baby C...your mommy and daddy already love you endlessly.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yay!!! Louie will make it to our 1st U/S!!!!

I was very upset because I though Louie wasn't going to be able to make it to our 1st u/s. I really didn't let him know how upset I was..I didn't want him to miss work. His job really sucks when it comes to taking time off. Luckily, he was able to explain to his foreman that he just needed to come in a little later and the guy understood. Yay!!!! They are usually not very understanding. If you can't make it to work..there is a guy right there waiting to replace you. I am still very nervous. I hope and pray everything is ok with our baby. My betas were as follows: 5/27/08-94 6/3/08-2468!!!! 6/9/08-1st u/s I've been trying to stay positive and not let crazy thoughts in my head. I can really drive myself crazy. I could use all your prayers for tomorrow-xoxo

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Miracles do happen!! We're having a baby!!!

I have never ever gotten a BFP so this is so unreal. DH was soooooo happy when I surprised him with the CBE digital! This was our break cycle after injectables and then we were doing our last IUI before IVF. It is truly a miracle!!!! Let me tell you how it all started..... After the evil AF arrived on 4/24/08, we decided we needed a break. This was our life for that past months: Cycle #1: 50mg Clomid, 0.05MG/24 Estradiol, Ovidrel, TI=BFN Cycle #2: 50mg Clomid, 0.05MG/24H Estradiol, Ovidrel, B2B IUI's=BFN Cycle #3: cancelled, early ovulation on Repronex :( Cycle#4: Lupron, 300iuRepronex (4viles!!) ouch, Ovidrel, acupunctue,IUI=BFFN Cycle#5: 375iuRepronex, Cetrotride, Ovidrel, acupuncture, IUI=BFN..... Cycle #6: taking a break and going for a 2nd opinion at Cornell, last IUI before IVF, tried to BD around O time, first time ever using Preseed In the beginning of May my mom called to tell me my grandma was not doing very well. My grandma has congestive heart failure and the family didn't think she would be around for too long. My mom thought we should take a trip to Miami and spend Mother's day with her, so we did. Louie stayed behind because he couldn't really get off work and besides...he needed to take care of our fur/feather babies. A few days before I was to leave to Miami I got terribly sick and had a fever. I went to the doctor and he said I had tonsillitis and sinusitis. He gave me some antibiotics but just in case for some miracle I was PG even though AF had arrived and left a few weeks ago, I tested and it was BFN. I started to think that maybe I shouldn't fly because it would only make me more sick. I was also upset because my Ovu was going to be while I was in Miami. In the end...I decided grandma was more important and so I left to Miami with my antibiotics and spent a beautiful Mother's day with my grandma and 20+ other family members. I was only there a few days and was so sick the whole time I was there. The antibiotic started giving me a sharp stabbing pain in my stomach so I stopped taking it. I only had one more pill left anyways. During the few days I was in Miami, the whole family thought I was PG. They kept whispering to each other how all my symptoms sound like PG symptoms. I kept telling them they were crazy and it was just not possible. Secretly inside I was hoping that their wanting me to be PG so badly would help me get PG next cycle. Maybe if so many people wish it...want it...pray for it...I will get PG. I returned to NY the day after Mother's day and decided to take a OPK. Much to my was positive. For some reason, my ovulation came later in the cycle this time and so we BD. I didn't tell DH about the OPK. We just missed each other so much and loved each other that night. Two days later we BD again. I really was not optimistic at all. I mean..why would it work this time on a break. I had already set up an appt. for a second opinion at one of the top IVF hospitals in the U.S. (Cornell). I had already bought my IVF book A.R.T the art of making babies. I was ready to do my last IUI and then on to IVF. In fact, I was so upset my RE never checked my FSH. I was already with my list of requested tests I wanted done. Memorial day was approaching and I was waiting for AF. I was so nervous it would arrive during the weekend or the holiday that I kept calling the nurse so she could call in my meds. The nurse called me back and told me it took her hours on the phone with the insurance company but she got my meds approved and could pick them up the day after Memorial day. I was so relieved. A few days before Memorial day I started noticing my nips were darker and then AF was a few days late. I also noticed my temperature was still high, but I still expected AF. When Memorial day came...I noticed my nips were darker...temp. stil high and now AF was 3 days late. I had been late before on Clomid but only by 1 or 2 I started to get a little hopeful. That morning I decided to take a HPT. The first one I took was a cheap test strip and I saw a very faint line. That inspired me to take out THE DIGITAL!! I took a CBE and it said PREGNANT!!! I couldn't believe it! I decided I would wait till later on that night to set up my video camera and tell DH. All day I was on cloud nine. After our BBQ with a couple of friends, I told DH I needed him upstairs. He automatically thought it was time to have our scheduled TI and he was not feeling very up to it ;). I told him it wasn't that I just needed him in our bedroom. I set up the video camera. I had this box full of little memories from our engagement and the stuffed bunny he gave me the ring. I put the digital HPT in the arms of the bunny and when he opened the box and saw the test he screamed and looked up to thank GOD for answering his prayers. It was the most amazing moment ever. We laughed, we cried, we hugged and cried some more. Our prayers were answered!!! WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!